Intensive Month

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Intensive French Language - Institut Catholique de Paris

The intensive month session is offered at beginning, intermediate, advanced and superior French language levels. The course sessions concentrate on grammatical structures and communication skills.

The intensive month serves well as a precursor to the academic year or semester programs at the Institut Catholique de Paris in order to further strengthen students? language skills. It may also be completed as an individual program.

Classes are taught by host university faculty at the Institut Catholique de Paris, and classmates are international students.

All students must take a two part French language placement exam, one portion before departure for the program and the other upon arrival in Paris. The exam will indicate each student's language proficiency level, and will determine the courses in which the student is eligible to enroll.

Please use the following only as a guideline to determine what each student's language level may be. Each semester/quarter is of COLLEGE-LEVEL French or the equivalent of:

True Beginning (A1-1): 0 Semesters/0-2 Quarters
Beginning (A1-2): 0-2 Semesters/0-3 Quarters
High Beginning (A2-1): 1-2 Semesters/2-3 Quarters
Low Intermediate (A2-2): 2-3 Semesters/3-5 Quarters
Intermediate (B1-1): 3-5 Semesters/5-8 Quarters
High Intermediate (B1-2): 3-6 Semesters/5-9 Quarters
Advanced (B2-1): 4-7 Semesters/6-11 Quarters
High Advanced (B2-2): 5-8 Semesters/8-12 Quarters
Superior (C1): 6+ Semesters/9+ Quarters

Please note that a student's French language level in France is based on the standards of the French university.

Gap students, 18 years old and older, are also eligible for this program.

Courses are taught by host university faculty at the Institut Catholique de Parisin the Institut de Langue et de Culture Fran├žaise.

September Intensive Month 2016Late Aug, 2016 to Mid Sep, 2016IPRM0916$3,300Currently Accepting Applications!
January Intensive Month 2017Jan 2, 2017 to Feb 1, 2017IPRM0117TBA Currently Accepting Applications!