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Getting Around Hyderabad

People in India use a wide array of modes of transportation from trains to rickshaws. In addition, walking is always a popular option for travel within the city. Remember, people in India drive vehicles and ride bikes on the left side of the road! To learn more about the different ways to navigate Hyderabad, please read the descriptions below.

Types of Transporation

City Bus
The Hyderabad city bus is probably the easiest and cheapest way to get around the city. Travelers can board and disembark the bus anywhere in the city, not just at designated bus stops. However, there are different classes of bus within the city, with the nicest buses only stopping at a few major locations, but costing significantly more. The cost depends on your destination, which you must declare to the driver upon boarding.

Auto Rickshaw
These tiny, yellow, open cars are sometimes the fastest way to get from one point to another within the city, and are cheaper than taxis. While they are required to provide a metered fare, many drivers will insist on a flat rate. Auto rickshaws are not as safe as other forms of transportation, and so should be used with caution.

Taxis are available throughout the city, and are not terribly expensive, although they will be the most costly form of transportation. Because of the demand, it may be difficult to catch a taxi on the street, so booking one in advance is the best bet.

While there are not many stations for the local train at the moment, if you are going from an area with a station to another, it can be convenient and cheap. Both first class and standard tickets are available, and if you are traveling at a peak time, the price of the first class ticket is often worthwhile.