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Available Excursions for Beppu

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Excursions may not be available for all programs and sessions.

Bungotakada (Spring Only)

Bungotakada city, located in the northernmost part of Oita Prefecture, Kyushu is a quiet farming town with an estimated population of 23,469. Famous for it's historical village called "Showa-no-machi," soba noodles and green onions, Bungotakada has long been a hotspot for tourists visiting Oita.... Read More

Kumamoto and Mt. ASO

Kumamoto city, located in Kumamoto prefecture, is on the west coast of the Kyushu region. With a population of 650,000, this prefecture is famous for the Kumamoto Castle, Kurokawa Onsen and ?Aso,? the active volcano. This excursion is aimed at helping students learn about the importance of Aso,... Read More


Optional for some or all sessions
With the rest of Japan having adapted to more modern times and architecture, visiting Kyoto will take you back in time to a city that has preserved the long-standing history and traditions of Japan. Located in the Kansai region of Japan, Kyoto offers a wide range of cultural sites, with over a... Read More


Optional for some or all sessions
Nagasaki Prefecture is located in the northwest part of Kyushu. This was the only trade port opened to foreigners during the 16th century, which makes it very unique. The history of Christianity in Japan traces back to Nagasaki, and the city also boasts various ruins of churches, buildings, as... Read More

Tokyo (Semester Only)

From its beginnings as a tiny fishing village in what was known as Musashi Province, Tokyo is the capital city of Japan, and the Tokyo Metropolis holds the honor of being the largest metropolitan area in the world. It is home to the Japanese government as well as the Japanese Imperial Palace.... Read More

Usuki (Semester Only)

Usuki, a living historic town that is a 2-hour train ride from Beppu, is incredibly unique and therefore well worth visiting. Located on the east coast of Oita Prefecture, the city has ruins of castles, famous samurai houses, and streets that give you a full glance of old Japan. That, coupled... Read More