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Meknes, one of Morocco's historic imperial cities, is home to a beautiful blend of the Arab, Amazigh, Jewish and French cultures composing modern Morocco. The diverse and distinct districts of Meknes, such as the bustling Hamrya (Ville Nouvelle or new city), labyrinthine Medina (medieval city), and relaxing plazas and green spaces, speak true to the diversity of Morocco. Due to the cultural and historic richness of the medieval city, UNESCO declared Meknes a World Heritage site in 1996 (one of eight within Morocco). With its myriad opportunities for exploration, Meknes provides an ideal setting for study abroad.

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Academic Programs Offered in Meknes

Language, Culture & Society
ISA Meknes Study Center
[Courses instructed in Arabic and English and French]


(Jan 24, 2017 to Apr 29, 2017)IMKS1117$11,650
(Jan 24, 2017 to Apr 29, 2017)IMKES1117$12,900
(Late Aug, 2017 to Mid Dec, 2017)IMKF1117$11,650
(Late Aug, 2017 to Mid Dec, 2017)IMKEF1117$12,900