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Medina to Ville Nouvelle River Valley
Medina to Ville Nouvelle River Valley

ISA Meknes Office

The ISA Meknes office is located near most student housing in the Ville Nouvelle, the newer area of the city constructed during the French protectorate. The office provides students with a central place to reference travel materials, practice their Arabic (via language exchange or tutoring), or simply visit with other students and the ISA resident staff. Our resident staff is available to you during office hours and is on call after hours. There is an additional annex ISA office located on the Moulay Ismail University Faculte des Lettres campus.

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ISA Housing

You will be housed in ISA Meknes apartments. These apartments are fully furnished and are located in the middle of the Ville Nouvelle (modern city center), convenient to public transportation routes, shopping, restaurants, and nightlife. Students can easily rely on public transportation to get to and from the Moulay Ismail University, or enjoy an approximately 45 minute walk. You will be provided with three meals a day (except on Sundays and ISA excursion days) and the services of a housekeeper. Students wanting any additional snacks and food will be responsible for purchasing any goods from the local markets, grocery stores or restaurants. Students may have the opportunity to live in a Moroccan homestay. These accommodations will be offered to students upon availability.

For more information on ISA Housing, please visit the "Housing" section.

Moulay Ismail University

Moulay Ismail University is a short bus or taxi ride from the Ville Nouvelle. As an ISA student, you will have full access to all of the resources available at the Moulay Ismail University, including academic advising, tutoring, libraries, and computer labs. All courses are instructed on the Moulay Ismail University Faculte des Lettres campus.

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