Universities in Meknes

Moulay Ismail University

Moulay Ismail University
Moulay Ismail University
Founded in 1982, Moulay Ismail University is one of the newest higher education institutions in Morocco. The university provides students with four-year degree programs in a wide range of fields, and has established academic cooperation programs with campuses in Europe, Africa, and the United States. The university is fully accredited and recognized by the Moroccan Ministry of Education (Ministere de l'Education Nationale). Students attending Moulay Ismail University have access to counseling services, a cultural center, and sports facilities. More than 23,000 students attend this academic institution, and the international student population is less than 500 students.

Custom Programs in Meknes

Academics vary by program and may be comprised of one or more of the following:
  • A U.S. university-taught course
  • Guest lectures by local experts
  • Visits to local companies or organizations
  • Enrolling in a course at the host university in Meknes
  • Service-learning and/or internships

Volunteer Opportunities with ELAP in Meknes

ELAP students will attend Moulay Ismail University if they are participating in an ISA program in conjunction with their ELAP program.

Students particpating in an ISA Academic Program plus ELAP during the semester will work 5-10 hours per week at a local host organization while attending classes at the host university. The ELAP placement will begin 1-2 weeks after the first week of classes and end the week prior to final exams. Students participating in an ISA Academic Program during the summer will begin their ELAP program prior to the beginning of the ISA Summer program. Participants will spend between 15–35 hours per week at a local organization.

Students participating in an ELAP Service-Learning and Internship program will not attend classes but work 15–35 hours per week at a local organization. All participants will develop an ELAP Portfolio throughout the program which includes reflective essays, group discussions, logs of hours, a supervisor evaluation and a certificate of completion.

Select ELAP placements are eligible for academic credit. Participants can earn 1-6 credits based on the number of contact hours accrued at the host organization and successful completion of the ELAP Portfolio. Visit the ELAP website for more information.