Available Excursions for Belfast

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Excursions may not be available for all programs and sessions.

County Antrim

Optional for some or all sessions
Wander through the small villages and breathtaking shores of the northern coast of the island. Go by rail to explore the mysterious seaside stone formations of The Giant's Causeway, then tiptoe across a precarious rope bridge to a small island off the coast. Explore the ruins of a 16th-century... Read More


Optional for some or all sessions
Discover Gaelic culture in the capital of the Republic of Ireland. Stroll the pedestrian shopping avenues and visit the historical grounds of Trinity College to marvel at the ancient Books of Kells. Explore the cobbled maze of alleyways in Temple Bar and relax in the peaceful park of St.... Read More


Visit Edinburgh, Scotland's capital and second largest city. Home to the University of Edinburgh, this city was once one of the major centers of the Enlightenment and earned the nickname 'Athens of the North'. While in Scotland you will visit Edinburgh's Castle and relive Edinburgh's dark past... Read More


Optional for some or all sessions
Galway is known for its brightly colored cafés and pubs, boundless live music, eclectic street performers and world-class arts and entertainment. History and modernity unite in this city to create an ideal environment for discovering the essence of Ireland's culture, language and people.... Read More

Isle of Arran

Optional for some or all sessions
Get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and slow down during this island excursion. Explore the beautiful Scottish countryside on this island with a population of merely 5,000 people. Choose your own adventure: Go hiking, cycling, sea kayaking, kite surfing, horseback riding, or simply... Read More

Londonderry (Derry)

Optional for some or all sessions
Walk the circuit of this walled city, the second largest in Northern Ireland. Learn the story of Derry at the Tower Museum. At the Museum of Free Derry, explore the history of the civil rights movement within the North through photographs and videos from first-hand witnesses of the times.... Read More
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