International Studies Abroad ®est. 1987


Ica, Paracas and Chincha

Location: Peru


Students will travel by bus from Lima to the city of Ica where they will ride dune buggies and sand board in the middle of the desert, stopping to see the famous Huacachina desert oasis. Students will also visit the Paracas National Reserve and, weather permiting, travel by boat to the Ballestas Islands. These islands are inhabited by distinctive wildlife such as the Humbolt Penguin and Sea Lions. Upon return to Lima, students will have a traditional lunch at the Hacienda San Jose, a XVII century sugar cane plantation that was inhabited by over one hundred slaves. The afternoon will conclude by taking a guided tour of the grounds, learning about the first arrival of the African population on the coast of Peru and their influence of music, dance and food in Lima.

Optional in the following sessions