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The ISA Lima Offices

The main ISA Lima office is conveniently located in the student house near the Universidad del Pacífico (UP) campus, in the centrally-located district of Jesús María. Another ISA office is located at the School of Engineering on the PUCP campus.

At the ISA office you may visit with the ISA staff, receive tutoring, utilize academic and other resources, and check the ISA bulletin board for upcoming ISA, community, and cultural events. The ISA staff will make sure that you have complete access to university resources, including the computer lab and wi-fi area. The ISA offices also have wi-fi access.

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The Universities

Universidad del Pacífico (UP)
The UP is most prestigious in its fields of specialization: economics and business administration, and is among the leading institutions of its kind in the Latin American region. All classes have internet access and multimedia equipment.

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Perú (PUCP)
The PUCP is the oldest established private higher education institution in Peru. Undergraduate students can pursue 38 different specialties in 10 schools, and this high-technology campus holds over 4,000 internet-enabled PCs. They were the first Peruvian campus connected to the internet.

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ISA Housing

As a large city, Lima offers ISA students a variety of housing options, including homestays, pensiones and student residences (residencia) living. Each student is sure to find a comfortable living space based on his or her own preferred lifestyle.

If you choose to stay in a homestay, you may be sharing a host family with another ISA student. A pension is similar to that of a homestay but there will be more international students living with you in the home. If you elect to live in a residencia, where both US, international and Peruvian students live, you will share common living areas, and may or may not share a bedroom, depending on the room you choose. All residencias include internet access and wi-fi, and some homestays include internet access as well.

Homestays, pensiones and residencias are located in nice districts of Lima near the Universidad del Pacífico (UP), Pontificia Universidad Católica de Perú (PUCP), or are conveniently located near public transit routes. Students may need to use the transportation system in Lima if their homes are not within walking distance of the universities.

To learn more about housing assignments, please visit the "Housing" section of the Lima page.