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Not sure where in South Africa you want to study abroad? ISA has five unique cities to choose from. Here are a few tips on just how to make that decision.

Cape Town

Why it's great: Second largest city in South Africa with a cosmopolitan vibe and natural beauty

Perfect for students: First-time travelers

What's unique about this city's university? the University of Cape Town is the oldest and leading research institution in Africa. The first doctor in the world to perform a heart transplant Dr Christiaan Barnard is UCT's alumni and the institution produced 3 Nobel Laureates. UCT is the only institution in South Africa that attracts a tremendous number of international students.

Great for students hoping to take courses in: Social Development Studies, Politics and African Studies, Performing Arts, Marine Biology and Environmental Studies and more.



Why it's great: Great opportunity for cultural and linguistic immersion in South Africa's most diverse city.

Perfect for students: "Off the Beaten Path" students, and anyone interested in learning about Zulu and Indian culture.

What's unique about this city's university? the University of KwaZulu Natal is the best institution for HIV/AIDS research Institution which also has a world renowned Development Studies Department. The institution has one of the best Music department in the country. The institution comprises of 5 campuses focusing various departments. Very diverse student population

Great for students hoping to take courses in:
HIV/AIDS research Studies, Development Studies, Engineering, Music, Service-Learning and more.



Why it's great: Rhode University is located at the heart of the beautiful and historic college town.

Perfect for students: Liberal Arts and Humanities students looking for college town vibe.

What's unique about this city's university? Rhodes University is famously known for its big Liberal Arts School and the University accommodates the well known Grahamstown National Arts festival that runs annually and has been for over 3o years

Great for students hoping to take courses in:
African Music, Politics, Art and more.


Port Elizabeth

Why it's great: Known as the "Arts Capital of South Africa," Port Elizabeth is a medium-sized city with a thriving arts and theatre scene.

Perfect for students: Students looking to study abroad by the ocean. Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University is within walking distance of the Indian Ocean.

What's unique about this city's university? Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University offers Sport Science Courses and is the only institution that is located the closet to the ocean. Offers a Service-Learning course

Great for students hoping to take courses in:
Sports Science, Marine Biology and Service-Learning.



What's great about this city: Beautiful small college town with magnificent mountain views and world-renown vineyards.

Perfect for students:
Business students (Stellenosch University is an AACSB Accredited Business School), students interested in Afrikaaner culture.

What's unique about this city's university? Stellenbosch University has a leading business school in South Africa of which is AACSB Accredited. With Stellenbosch's Location, students can take classes in wine making or forestry. Students can take the Service-Learning course during all terms of the academic calendar (academic Year, Semester, Summer).

Great for students hoping to take courses in:
Business, Environmental Studies, Politics, Sociology, Service-Learning