International Studies Abroad ®est. 1987



Location: South Korea


Once the long-standing capital of the Silla Dynasty (57 B.C. – 935 A.D.), Gyeongju has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO due to its countless archaeological sites and rich historical heritage. Commonly known as the "museum without walls", Koreans and tourists alike are positively overwhelmed by the ancient remains that are scattered all throughout the city. Students will visit Gyeongju's Seokguram grotto (Korea's 24th National Treasure) and enjoy a breathtaking view of the East Sea/Sea of Japan. Heading towards the city center, students will find the ancient burial grounds of Tumuli Park and the astronomical observatory of Cheomseongdae.

In their free time, students will be able to rent a bike to explore the city, or go hiking in the Mount Namsan Belt. As part of this excursion, students will be able to enjoy a peaceful stroll through the Anapji royal pond garden at the end of an exciting day of exploring this incredible city.

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