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Getting Around Seoul

Seoul has an extensive subway system that makes getting around Seoul very convenient. It is by far the most popular mode of transportation with more than 8 million trips daily. It is interconnected with the bus system so that riders can get anywhere they need within the city and as far out as the suburbs. In addition, taxis are also an affordable way to navigate the city especially late at night when the subway and bus lines are limited.

To learn more about the different ways to navigate Seoul, please read the descriptions below.

Types of Transportation

Subway service begins at 5:30am and concludes at 1am on the weekdays and 5:30am-midnight on the weekends. Seoul's integrated Metrobus transportation system includes buses and the subway. The Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation has created an English version of their incredible interactive subway map, schedule and route. Click here to plan your trips with more detailed information!

The buses are color coded blue, green, red and yellow.
Blue (Main line): The blue buses serve the main roads throughout downtown Seoul and are designated with 3-digit numbers.
Green (Branch Line): The green buses connect the subway stations with nearby residential neighborhoods and other main bus lines and are designated with a 4-digit number.
Red (Wide Area Line): The red line connects the major areas in Seoul with the satellite cities around Seoul. These buses are designated by a 4-digit number.
Yellow (Circular line): The yellow line serves the circular belt roads in the downtown and major metropolitan areas. They are designated by a 2-digit number.

Taxis are abundant on the Seoul streets and can easily be hailed. There are also orange umbrella covered stands around the city where you can wait for them. All taxis have the option of a free translation service and the phone number should be visible inside the window of the taxi. There are four types of taxis: the standard (grey) taxis and orange/white taxis charge W2400 for the base price, the international taxis (orange) charge 20% more and the deluxe (black) taxis charge a base price of W4500.

Transportation Passes

For students, the Konkuk student ID card serves as a transportation card, providing a discounted rate of W900 to W1700 for each ride. Students simply scan their cards at the entrance of the subway or bus. The regular fare ranges from W1000 to W1800. Riders also have the option of buying a T-money card that functions in the same way. The initial cost of the T-money card ranges from W2500 to W10,000.