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Courses with Locals in Multiple Disciplines - Korea University

With 40% of the courses at Korea University are taught in English, students can choose from a wide variety of classes in Art & Design, Education, Engineering, Information & Communication, Journalism & Mass Communication, Liberal Arts, Political Science, Technology, etc., when participating this semester program. Korea University's Business School is the first business school accredited both by AACSB & EQUIS in Korea.

Known as one of Seoul's "SKY Universities," similar to the "Ivy League" in the U.S., Korea University is a world-class institution featuring a dynamic educational environment, beautiful and conveniently located campus, and top-quality student facilities. It prides itself not only on being a progressive and globally conscious institution, but also one that plays a role in preserving and developing Korean culture.

Spring 2 2016Feb 19, 2016 to Jun 22, 2016ISOS3216$12,500Closed, Not Accepting Applications.
Fall 2 2016Late Aug, 2016 to Mid Dec, 2016ISOF3216$12,500Currently Accepting Applications!
Spring 2 2017Mid Feb, 2017 to Late Jun, 2017ISOS3217TBA Closed, Not Accepting Applications.

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Courses with Locals in Multiple Disciplines - Konkuk University

Students can take one Korean language course along with three or four elective courses taught in English. There are hundreds of courses from which to choose in a wide variety of disciplines, including Engineering, Business, Information Technology, Art, English Literature, Apparel Design, Chemistry, Mathematics and more.

Courses are taught in English except for Korean language courses which are available for students with a beginning through advanced level of proficiency. Courses will be taught by local and international faculty. Fellow Konkuk University classmates are both Korean and international students.

Upon program completion, students will receive a transcript from Konkuk University.

Spring 1 2016Feb 21, 2016 to Jun 22, 2016ISOS3116$13,500Closed, Not Accepting Applications.
Fall 1 2016Late Aug, 2016 to Mid Dec, 2016ISOF3116$13,500Currently Accepting Applications!
Spring 1 2017Late Feb, 2017 to Late Jun, 2017ISOS3117TBA Closed, Not Accepting Applications.

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