Students may choose between the following Program Terms:

Sociology, Culture Studies & Business - Konkuk University

The summer program at Konkuk University allows students to take courses from a variety of academic areas in English, as well as a beginning Korean language course. Students will enroll in two electives in a wide range of subject areas as well as the Field Trip & Cultural Workshops. Throughout this four-week program, students will experience Korean culture through cultural activities and excursions while taking courses that inform their cultural experience.

Courses are taught in English by local and international faculty and classmates are other international students.

Upon program completion, students will receive a transcript from Konkuk University.

Gap students are also eligible for this program.

Summer 1 2016Jun 24, 2016 to Jul 23, 2016ISOU1116$5,600Currently Accepting Applications!

Korean Language & Electives in English - Korea University

Korea University Summer program provides an excellent opportunity for students to not only learn about Korean culture and language, but also continue with their academic plan by taking two courses from a wide range of subjects pertaining to Management, Economics, Business, Biology, international issues, and many more with a particular emphasis on the East Asia region. Each class offers a full-semester of coursework condensed into six weeks of intensive study totaling 48 hours.

In addition, students have the option to take a 3rd academic course taught in English. This course will be for an additional charge. Upon program completion, students will receive a transcript from Korea University.

Please note: Gap students are NOT eligible for this program.

Summer 2 2016Jun 24, 2016 to Aug 6, 2016ISOU1216$6,200Currently Accepting Applications!