International Studies Abroad ®est. 1987


Academic Programs in Seoul

Students may choose from the following Academic Program options:

Academic Year

Students participating in the ISA Seoul Academic Year program can take two semesters of Courses with Locals in Multiple Disciplines programs. Students will take one Korean language course along with three or four elective courses taught in English each semester. There are hundreds of courses from which to choose in a wide variety of disciplines, including Engineering, Business, Information Technology, Art, English Literature, Apparel Design, Chemistry, Mathematics and more.

Semester / Trimester

The ISA semester programs in Seoul offer students a large number and wide range of English courses from which to choose. Students in the sciences, arts, humanities, social sciences, applied sciences, and even those from more specialized fields will have the opportunity to take courses for their major, minor, and even courses that can count toward their general education requirements at their home school. All courses will be taken with local students at Konkuk University, one of South Korea's best private universities.


Students participating in the summer program in Seoul will have the opportunity to take courses in a variety of subjects at Konkuk University including business, economics, Korean culture, Korean language, sociology, and many others. Students from around the world will be taking courses alongside ISA students, making this a multicultural experience for all involved.

Service Learning/Internship

ISA is committed to offering students opportunities to go beyond the classroom and participate in a service-learning or internship program while abroad.

ISA's Service-Learning and Internship division, ELAP, offers opportunities to work at local organizations in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. ELAP-facilitated programs are available independently or may be combined with an ISA academic program. All ELAP programs encourage personal and professional growth, develop language proficiency, and facilitate meaningful community engagement. Students will develop an ELAP Portfolio throughout the program, documenting their projects, hours, and program activities.

In addition to ELAP-facilitated programs, several of ISA's host institutions offer internships or service-learning opportunities in addition to coursework. Students who choose this option will be enrolled in an ISA program and elect to take an internship or service-learning course through the host university and, upon completion, receive a host university transcript for their coursework.


ISA Custom Programs are developed in partnership with U.S. universities to offer students unique course options. Cultural activities and excursions, program dates and duration, and academics vary by program. Studying abroad with U.S. university students and faculty fosters a cohesive group dynamic with additional support of ISA staff in the U.S. and abroad.