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Universities in Seoul

Konkuk University

Konkuk University originally began as the vision of Dr. Seok-Chang Yoo, a Korean doctor who in the 1930's and 1940's established both a hospital for the needy and a school for rural Koreans that would give them the opportunity to become leaders in Korean society. These two institutions would later become the foundation for Konkuk University, now a fully comprehensive private university that continues its rapid growth today.

Konkuk University is perhaps best known for its agriculture and life sciences programs, continuing its tradition of training for rural students and medical practice. Known as the "fastest growing university in Korea", the downtown Seoul campus continues to expand, now including a university-owned mall and hotel, giving many new internship and business training experiences for Konkuk students.

American students will feel very much at home on the campus as students from around the world come to study at Konkuk, and the local Korean students go out of their way to help visitors feel welcome. Despite being in metropolitan Seoul, the university feels very accessible, with trees covering the majority of campus and a beautiful lake at its center.

Volunteer Opportunities with ELAP in Seoul

ELAP students will attend Konkuk University if they are participating in an ISA program before or after their ELAP program.

ELAP students participating in an ELAP stand-alone volunteer program will not attend a foreign university, but will focus on their internship program.

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