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Seoul (pop. 10,442,426) is both the largest city and capital of South Korea. It enjoys a central location within East Asia with China on its west and Japan to its east. Seoul is truly a representative global city in the ways that it integrates traditional culture in contemporary life, making it an ideal place for students who are interested in studying abroad in South Korea to learn Korean language and traditional culture.

In addition to the unique classroom culture and college atmosphere on-campus, students will also explore the natural beauty of the country along with its royal palaces, Buddhist temples, and sleek skyscrapers, stellar subway system and cutting edge technology.

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Academic Programs Offered in Seoul

Business Courses in English with Locals and Korean Language
Konkuk University
[Courses instructed in English and Korean]


(Feb 19, 2017 to Jun 22, 2017)ISOS3117$12,450
(Late Aug, 2017 to Mid Dec, 2017)ISOF3117$12,450
Courses with Locals in Multiple Disciplines
Korea University
[Courses instructed in English and Japanese and Korean]


(Feb 18, 2017 to Jun 22, 2017)ISOS3217$11,650
(Mid Aug, 2017 to Late Dec, 2017)ISOF3217$11,650