Bilbao Office in Bilbao, Spain

U.S. Contact for Bilbao (Site Specialist)

Stephanie Novacek

U.S. Contact for Bilbao (Program Manager)

Rachel Rogers

Bilbao Staff

Resident Director
Student Services Coordinator

Bilbao Office

The ISA Bilbao office is conveniently located next to the Universidad de Deusto and across the Nervión River from the internationally acclaimed Guggenheim Museum. It is equipped with Wi-Fi and is the perfect place to practice your Spanish, research travel opportunities, relax and hang out, or simply visit with other students and staff. The ISA Bilbao office is open Monday-Friday, from 10 am to 5 pm. The ISA on-site staff will lead excursions, as well as provide support throughout the duration of your program. Additionally, you will have full access to all resources available at the Universidad de Deusto, such as computer labs, the library, photocopiers and much more.