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Intensive Month

Students may choose between the following Program Terms:

Intensive Spanish Language - Universidad de Granada

This program accommodates students at all levels of Spanish proficiency. All levels will take language courses focusing on the skills of writing, reading, speaking, and listening. Students may enroll in consecutive Intensive Month programs. Students will be in class with international students, the majority of whom are North American. Program prices do not include airport pick-up and drop-off or excursions.

Gap Year students are also eligible for this program. For more information, click here.

January 2017Jan 7, 2017 to Jan 31, 2017IGRM0117$2,900Program in Progress
February 2017Jan 28, 2017 to Feb 25, 2017IGRM0217$2,900Program in Progress
March 2017Feb 27, 2017 to Mar 30, 2017IGRM0317$2,900Program in Progress
April 2017Mar 29, 2017 to Apr 29, 2017IGRM0417$2,900Program in Progress
May 2017May 2, 2017 to Jun 1, 2017IGRM0517$2,900Late Acceptance May Be Possible, Contact ISA
September 2017Aug 30, 2017 to Sep 30, 2017IGRM0917$2,900Currently Accepting Applications!
October 2017Sep 27, 2017 to Nov 1, 2017IGRM1017$2,900Currently Accepting Applications!
November 2017Oct 31, 2017 to Dec 1, 2017IGRM1117$2,900Currently Accepting Applications!
January 2018Jan 6, 2018 to Jan 30, 2018IGRM0118TBA Currently Accepting Applications!
February 2018Jan 28, 2018 to Feb 27, 2018IGRM0218TBA Currently Accepting Applications!
March 2018Feb 27, 2018 to Mar 23, 2018IGRM0318TBA Currently Accepting Applications!
April 2018Mar 31, 2018 to Apr 28, 2018IGRM0418TBA Currently Accepting Applications!
May 2018Apr 30, 2018 to May 31, 2018IGRM0518TBA Currently Accepting Applications!