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The above map highlights the ISA office in Madrid, the locations of the Complutense University, the University Antonio de Nebrija, as well as other locations useful to students.

View of Madrid's Royal Palace and Almudena Cathedral

Tiny Travel Story: Spain

What's Madrid Like?

Bustling with people and lined with restaurants and cafés, Spain's capital is the city that never sleeps. View masterpieces in the world famous Prado Museum and lounge in the 350 acre Retiro Park. Stroll leisurely through the theatre district, stopping at the many boutiques along the way. Be awed by the majestic architecture and grandeur of the Royal Palace. You could spend years discovering all the charms and activities that this pulsating city has to offer!

Madrid can be separated into two distinct groups, due to the footprints left from its past. In Habsburg Madrid, known as "Old Madrid," you'll come across many tourists enjoying the picturesque monuments. The Plaza Mayor, found in Habsburg Madrid, dates back to the 16th century. At the turn of the 18th century, the Habsburg era fell to the Bourbon monarchy. The stunning Royal Palace is found in this district. Contrasting architectural styles make Madrid a colorful and varied city.

Day to day living in Madrid may seem less "Spanish" than other smaller towns and cities in Spain. The Spanish siesta, or midday nap, is gradually and steadily diminishing, being replaced by more traditional business working hours. The fast paced lifestyle of businessmen and women seems to contradict the slower, Mediterranean ways of life. However, it is precisely these reasons that make Madrid unique to the country, offering its visitors and inhabitants a complex and beautiful mixture of old Spain and modern life.

Among the clamor of this large, metropolitan city, you will still find Madrileños pausing their work day for an hour-long coffee break in bars or cafés. Spanish tapas are served throughout the city, from restaurants representing a variety of regions in Spain. Clubs often do not close until dawn, and the city lights and pedestrian activity make it hard to distinguish between 3am and 3pm. Come and experience the harmonious blend of progress with tradition, nationalism with tolerance, and people from all over the world--all within Madrid.

Region and Population

Madrid, the capital and geographic center of Spain, is a wonderfully vibrant city with intense cultural, artistic, and intellectual activity.

The population of Madrid is over 3 million, making it the largest city in Spain and the third largest city in the European Union.


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Madrid has a mild climate, with cool winters and warm summers. The spring and fall are generally warm and sunny. Average monthly highs and lows (degrees Fahrenheit) and rainfall (inches) in Madrid:
Avg. Rainfall1.

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