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The city of Málaga runs along the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

What's Málaga Like?

Situated on the Costa del Sol and one of Europe's most popular vacation destinations, Málaga is a vibrant, modern city, deeply rooted in southern Spain's multicultural history. The city, with a population of around 569,000, is the most significant coastal city in the distinctive region of Andalucía. Perhaps due to its location on the sunny coast or to the diverse inhabitants who have called Málaga home through the centuries, the Malagueños are characterized as open, accepting, and friendly. They love the sun that basks their city and can be seen any day of the year strolling along the pedestrian promenades, enjoying tapas bars and cafés, or shopping in the many stores that line the city's narrow streets. As this city has escaped the waves of foreign tourists that lap so much of the rest of the Costa del Sol, it has managed to retain its authentically Andalusian identity.

Region and Population

Málaga is located in, and capital of, the province of Málaga in the heart of Andalucía. It is situated along the southern coast of Spain on the Mediterranean Sea.

The population of Málaga is approximately 600,000.


Málaga has a mild, coastal climate. Winters are cool and summers are warm; it does not typically freeze or reach 100ºF. The breeze from the Mediterranean is refreshing, especially during the summer.
Avg. Rainfall1.961.511.551.070.670.

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