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Spanish Language & Culture - Universidad de Salamanca

This program is open to students at all levels of Spanish proficiency. Beginning level courses will focus on language acquisition while intermediate, advanced, and superior level courses expand on Spanish culture, in addition to grammar. Classes are with international students. Students may enroll in overlapping Summer sessions.

Summer 2 2014Jun 21, 2014 to Jul 30, 2014ISLU1214$4,900Program in Progress
Summer 3 2014Jun 27, 2014 to Aug 13, 2014ISLU1314$5,500Program in Progress
Summer 4 2014Jul 30, 2014 to Aug 30, 2014ISLU1414$4,900Program in Progress
Summer 1 2015May 23, 2015 to Jun 27, 2015ISLU1115TBA Currently Accepting Applications!
Summer 2 2015Jun 24, 2015 to Jul 29, 2015ISLU1215TBA Currently Accepting Applications!
Summer 3 2015Jun 26, 2015 to Aug 12, 2015ISLU1315TBA Currently Accepting Applications!
Summer 4 2015Jul 29, 2015 to Aug 29, 2015ISLU1415TBA Currently Accepting Applications!

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