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Available Excursions for Santander

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Excursions may not be available for all programs and sessions.

Bilbao and San Sebastián

Students will first visit San Sebastian, said to be one of the most elegant cities in Spain, offering some of the country's top beaches due to the beautiful sand and shell-shaped bay. A former 19th century hot-spot for Spain's aristocracy, the city is well known for summer arts, jazz and theatre... Read More


During this multi-day program welcome and orientation trip to Madrid, Spain's capital and main commercial hub, students will be introduced to key information about health and safety and equipped with basics of Spanish culture and history through the Bridging Cultures Program. Because Madrid is... Read More

Picos de Europa

Students catch a cable car to the top of the mountain which summits at 1,823 meters, followed by hiking through the Picos de Europa National Park while enjoying the majestic natural beauty of the surrounding landscape. The group then tours Potes, a small medieval town. Students also visit to the... Read More


During this single day visit, students become familiar with a city whose role in Spanish history has been decisive since the Roman period, thanks in part to its unique situation as a natural fortress—surrounded on three sides by the River Tagus (Tajo in Spanish). Toledo is also a UNESCO World... Read More