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Combining urban life and a relaxed, seaside atmosphere, Valencia (Metro population around 1,720,000) is becoming one of the most popular destinations on the Mediterranean coast. Propelling this renaissance is the Ciutat de les Arts i les Cièncias (City of Arts and Sciences), a museum complex and modern architectural masterpiece that adds to Valencia's deep, multicultural roots, cosmopolitan flavor, and warm climate to make it a true Mediterranean gem.

Spain's third largest city, Valencia is located on the Mediterranean coast approximately 200 miles south of Barcelona. Although Valencia has a rich history, it is often referred to as one of Spain's more modern cities. Celebrations and festivals throughout the year, like the Fallas, provide an excellent opportunity for students to witness Spanish character at its best. Studying abroad in Valencia is the perfect addition to the college experience for American students!

There are both semester and summer programs in Spain. The universities in Spain are the Universitat de València, Universidad Católica de Valencia, Universitat Politècnica de València and the Florida State University-Valencia Study Center. Don't forget to also stop by the ISA office and take advantage of the knowledgeable ISA staff for Spanish practice!

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Academic Programs Offered in Valencia

Business, Sciences & Liberal Arts - Florida State University-Valencia Study Center
Florida State University-Valencia Study Center
[Courses instructed in English and Spanish]


(Jan 7, 2015 to Apr 23, 2015)IVLS1215$13,000
(Late Aug, 2015 to Early Dec, 2015)IVLF1215$13,000
Health and Natural Sciences - Universidad Católica de Valencia
Universidad Católica de Valencia
[Courses instructed in English and Spanish]


(Jan 7, 2015 to Jun 5, 2015)IVLS3215$14,000
(Late Aug, 2015 to Mid Dec, 2015)IVLF3215$13,000
Hispanic Studies Honors Program - Universitat de València
Universitat de València
[Courses instructed in Spanish]


(Jan 7, 2015 to Apr 24, 2015)IVLS1115$13,250
(Early Sep, 2015 to Mid Dec, 2015)IVLF1115$13,000
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics - Universitat Politècnica de València
Universitat Politècnica de València
[Courses instructed in English and Spanish]


(Jan 28, 2015 to Jun 30, 2015)IVLS3115$14,000
(Late Aug, 2015 to Mid Dec, 2015)IVLF3115$13,000