International Studies Abroad ®est. 1987



Location: Spain


During this single-day excursion, students will visit Tarragona, UNESCO world heritage site, a city known for an abundance of Roman ruins allowing visitors to imagine the contours and functions of an Iberian provincial capital at the Western edge of the Roman Empire.

Our tour begins at the Town Hall Square, where the traces of the old Roman circus are still perceptible. From here, following the original Roman street plan, students proceed to enter the remains of the ancient city wall, which are kept together with a series of gardens and statues of the Roman time.

After tracing the perimeter of the original city on the intramural tour, we return to the old part of the city to explore the underground portion of the beautifully preserved Roman circus underground. The tour of the Roman city ends at the seaside amphitheater, also splendidly preserved and affording breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. That it once held 15,000 spectators gives students an idea of importance of Tarragona as a population center nearly two millennia ago. The focus of the last part of the day is on medieval Tarragona, including the Cathedral of Santa Tecla and the Diocesan Museum.

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