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Academic Advising Guides

Field-Specific Recommendations

The purpose of the documents listed below is to provide faculty members, advisors and students with ISA's recommended programs for specific majors and minors. The documents feature descriptions of each program developed by ISA that offer courses that pertain to a specific discipline or field of study. Each program description contains the following: accreditation and university information; program name and program-specific details; discipline-specific curricular offerings; language courses and selected electives related to the discipline or field of study.

Agriculture Majors and Minors
Biology Majors and Minors
Business Majors and Minors
Chemistry Majors and Minors
Communications Majors and Minors
Computer Science Majors and Minors
Criminal Justice and Criminology Majors and Minors
Economics Majors and Minors
Education Majors and Minors
Engineering Majors
Exercise Science, Nutrition and Kinesiology Majors and Minors
Fashion Majors and Minors
Film Studies Majors and Minors
Forestry Majors
French Majors and Minors*
Graphic Design Majors and Minors
Health Sciences Majors
History Majors and Minors
Hospitality Management Majors and Minors
International Relations Majors and Minors
Italian Majors and Minors
Latin American Studies Majors and Minors
Nursing Majors
Political Science Majors and Minors
Psychology Majors and Minors
Religious Studies Majors and Minors
Romance Language Majors and Minors*
Spanish Majors and Minors*
Studio Art Majors and Minors
The Study of Arabic
The Study of Social Media

*Intensive Language Program Recommendations
The purpose of this document is to provide undergraduate advisors and students with recommended study abroad programs that allow students to fulfill four semesters (180 contact hours) of language learning during back to back 8-10 week summer sessions.

ISA-GlobaLinks Academic Advising Sheets

ISA-GlobaLinks Academic Advising sheets were designed to assist advisors and students in finding programs and host universities according to a variety of academic disciplines. Each individual advising sheet lists programs that are particularly well-suited for students interested in studying a specific discipline in one of four geographic locations; Europe, Australia, Asia and New Zealand/Fiji. Every sheet identifies a top program choice for each location, a brief explanation as to why it is the top choice, a sampling of courses and a list of one-to-three alternative host universities.

Biological & Life Sciences
Education & Teaching
English, Literature & Creative Writing
Environmental Science
Fine Art, Digital Media & Animation
Health Science
Hospitality & Tourism
Kinesiology, Excercise & Sports Science
Language Studies & Immersion
Law & Criminal Justice
Liberal Arts & Humanities
Marine Science
Political Science

Latin America Academic Advising Sheets

Latin America Academic Advising Sheets were created to assist advisors and students in finding ISA programs within Latin America. Each advising sheet identifies which ISA programs in Latin America are best suited for a specified subject, along with a few bullet point quick facts about each program.

Health Science
Political Science