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Rich in Scottish history, Stirling is a student-oriented pedestrian friendly city that offers all the amenities of a large cosmopolitan city. The once majestic medieval castle situated in the heart of the city now serves as a local concert and arts venue. This combination between old and new gives the city a sort of magical feel. The local hangouts provide a mix of atmospheres to accommodate different moods and interests. Restaurants bring a blend of different flavors from around the world including Greek, American, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Indian, Thai and of course traditional Scottish dishes.

The city itself sits atop rolling hills and situated near a beautiful loch inhabited with local wildlife. It is also only about 45 minutes by train from Glasgow or Edinburgh giving students easy access to both cities for a day of exploration or shopping. It also sits as the gate between the Scottish Highlands and Lowlands. For these reasons, it's not surprise why Stirling is known as the heart of Scotland.

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Courses with Locals in Multiple Disciplines- University of Stirling
University of Stirling
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(Sep 8, 2016 to Dec 19, 2016)ISRF3116$15,250


(Mid Jan, 2017 to Mid May, 2017)ISRS3117 TBA