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Worldwide Alerts

The following alerts are based on ISA's direct observation, U.S. Department of State recommendations, Overseas Security Advisory Council, WHO reports, and expert consultation.


February 20, 2015

As Tropical Cyclone Marcia hit and moved through Queensland, the Australian Department of Meteorology has downgraded the storm significantly from a cyclone to a tropical storm. Strong winds, heavy rains and flash flooding are still expected. The storm will continue to move southeast over the next several hours before leaving land. ISA will continue to monitor this storm and advise students accordingly.

February 19, 2015

Tropical Cyclone Marcia is expected to reach central Queensland at 5am, Friday, February 20th Australian local time. The storm has intensified as it has moved closer to land and is expected to bring destructive winds, high tides, heavy rainfall and flash flooding.

Transportation is expected to be affected as the storm crosses central and south-eastern Queensland. All ISA students are safe and accounted for and ISA will continue to advise students as the storm makes its way through Queensland.

Brisbane and Gold Coast

Monday, February 16, 2015

On Wednesday, February 18th, the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas are expected to receive heavy rains, with the potential to form cyclones and produce significant flooding. These heavy storms are also expected to continue through the weekend. Both in-country and departing students are being advised on the appropriate precautionary measures that should be taken during these storms. ISA staff will continue to monitor the weather conditions and advise students accordingly.


Buenos Aires

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Thousands of people in Buenos Aires are expected to participate in the peaceful demonstration '18F' beginning this evening in the city. The silent march marks the one month anniversary of the death of Alberto Nisman and is being held as a tribute to the prosecutor. Participants will begin marching from the Argentine Congress and end in the Plaza de Mayo. Beginning at 3:30pm Argentina local time, the streets will begin to be shut down and by 6:00pm the whole distance of the march will be blocked to traffic, causing disruption to travel throughout the city. While the protests are expected to be peaceful, ISA students have been advised on the areas to avoid and reminded that it is against ISA Code of Conduct to participate in strikes, demonstrations, or other political gatherings of any kind. The ISA Buenos Aires resident staff will continue to monitor the situation and advise students as necessary.



Wednesday, February 4, 2015

On February 3rd, the Islamic State (IS) released a video online that purportedly showed the murder of a Jordanian pilot who was captured in December 2014 by the extremist group. Jordanian citizens led anti-IS demonstrations including in the capital city of Amman in protest of the pilot's death. Additional demonstrations in Amman are anticipated in the coming days. The U.S. Embassy in Amman has advised that citizens can expect to see an increase in police and security presence in various cities in Jordan, including Amman. Students participating in ISA's Spring 2015 study abroad program will arrive in Jordan this month and are reminded that participation in any demonstrations, even those intended to be peaceful, is not permitted. The ISA Jordan resident staff will continue to monitor the situation and advise students accordingly.



Sunday, February 1, 2015

On February 1st, shortly after 8 p.m., two small bombs were detonated in Bangkok on a walkway connecting an overhead train with Siam Paragon, a luxury shopping mall. Police are still investigating, and no groups have claimed responsibility for the improvised explosives. Early reports suggest that the explosives were not designed to be deadly. While no fatalities have been reported, at least one person was injured by the blasts. Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha has ordered heightened security in public areas in the capital. All ISA students are accounted for and safe. ISA resident staff will continue to monitor the situation and advise students accordingly.

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For further information, please refer to ISA's Health and Safety section, particularly the information regarding the monitoring of world-wide security levels.