International Studies Abroad ®est. 1987


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Rafael Hoyle, Ph.D.

Managing Director and Senior Vice President

Rafael Hoyle earned his B.S. in Business Administration and M.A. in Spanish at the University of Arizona, and his Ph.D. in Hispanic Literature and Linguistics at the University of Texas at Austin. Rafael lived for many years in Mexico City and has traveled extensively in Europe and Latin America. Due largely to his academic specialization in the study of contemporary Mexican history, narrative and culture, he was offered a position as an instructor and resident director for ISA's Guanajuato program in the summer of 1995, serving in that capacity for three consecutive summers. He joined ISA as a full time employee in the fall of 1997 upon completing his doctoral coursework and became a member of ISA's Executive Management Team shortly thereafter.

Arturo Artaza

Senior Vice President, University Partnerships

Arturo is the Senior Vice President of University Partnerships for ISA. He received a B.A. in Business from University of Texas, Austin. Arturo is one of original 42 students to attend ISA's very first program during the summer of 1987 in Salamanca, Spain. From there, Arturo worked with ISA during the summers of '89-'92, '94-'02 as a full-time resident staff member in Spain and Mexico. He is proud to be a part of this organization and continually looks forward to providing students with the opportunity to study abroad.

Jennifer Acosta

Senior Vice President, Enrollment Management

Jennifer has been with ISA since 1996 as the Director of Admissions. She graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh with a Bachelor's Degree in Spanish and Latin American Studies, and then from Southwest Texas State University with a Master of Arts in Teaching Spanish. Her education abroad includes a semester at the Universidad de Sevilla in Sevilla, Spain and a summer at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. Jennifer has traveled extensively throughout Spain and Western Europe, as well as Costa Rica, Mexico, and Chile. Jennifer works primarily with students who await study in Spain and enjoys preparing students for their life changing experience abroad.

Ángel Eguiluz Pacheco

Senior Vice President, Global Operations

Ángel Eguiluz Pacheco known by all as "Chicho," is ISA's Executive Vice President of Global Operations. A native of Spain's northern coastal town of Santander, Chicho began his career with the program when he settled in the southern city of Sevilla in 1997. Before beginning work with the Sevilla program, Chicho spent several years at the University of Salamanca, where he received his degree in Spanish Language and Literature and went on to earn a Masters Degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. His university career also included his own personal study-abroad experience, when he was awarded a grant to study at the University of Leuven in Belgium. Chicho later went on to experience life in the United States while in Virginia teaching Spanish at James Madison University. His accumulated knowledge of foreign language studies, as well as his ability to closely connect with American study abroad students, have given Chicho the reputation that he has acquired within the study-abroad sphere both in the United States and in Spain. Now leading all of ISA's programs in Europe, Chicho is often on the move, although the Sevilla office remains his home base.

Gustavo Artaza

Senior Vice President, Strategic Initiatives

Gustavo Artaza was born in Asuncion, Paraguay. He received a BA in Sociology and Business Law from the University of Texas. He founded International Studies Abroad in 1987 and later founded Learning Programs International in 1991 to assist students in their study abroad experience. While in High School, Mr. Artaza participated in a missionary program to help rural people in Guatemala in 1976 which profoundly changed his outlook in life. He enjoys working with non-profit charity organizations here in the US and overseas. He has traveled extensively throughout Latin America, South America and Europe. He is the proud father of three girls and one boy.

Susan Farley

Vice President, Institutional Agreements & Financial Affairs

Susan Farley has been with ISA since 1997 and currently holds the position of Vice President, Institutional Agreements & Financial Affairs. She welcomes the opportunity to work with universities and students who are planning to go abroad on matters of student insurance and financial aid as well as institutional billing and affiliation agreements. Susan graduated from Texas Christian University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Latin American Studies and Spanish. Her primary study abroad experience was in Tibás, Costa Rica, where she enjoyed living with a family and exploring the beautiful country. Susan has returned to Costa Rica many times over the years with ISA groups and for personal travel. She has also been fortunate to travel extensively in Mexico, Australia, the United Kingdom, and throughout Western Europe. In her free time, she most enjoys being out in the great outdoors with her husband, sons and the family dog.

Deborah Morrison

Vice President, Australia Programs and Strategic Initiatives

As Vice President of Australia Programs and Strategic Initiatives, Deborah directs the Denver office of ISA as well as all international recruitment efforts for the organization. Prior to the ISA-GlobaLinks merger Deborah worked for GlobaLinks for 13 years, serving as the Director of Business Development as well as the Director of Marketing and Communications. As a NAFSA member, she contributed to the Region II team in various roles including as the IT/Communications Representative from 2005 to 2008 and as a Sustainability SIG Regional Representative from 2011-2012. She has presented at numerous conferences on topics ranging from marketing on a small budget to sustainability in international education. Deborah has also served on the Studio Abroad Advisory Board for Terra Dotta. Deborah graduated with a BS from the University of Washington. She studied abroad during her undergraduate career in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, and lived and worked in Mexico for an additional five years after graduating from college. She has traveled extensively throughout the Americas, Europe, Northern Africa, Asia, and Australia. Deborah enjoys running, reading, snowboarding, and spending time with her family.

Mark Gallovic

Vice President, University Partnerships

Mark joined the ISA team in August 2014 as the Vice President for University Partnerships, after serving on ISA's Executive Advisory Board in recent years. Mark's most recent work includes serving as Director of Education Abroad as the University North Carolina Wilmington, for eight years, as Assistant Director of the Office of International Programs at Arizona State University for eight years before that, and previously for the Institute for Study Abroad, both in the U.S. and Australia. Mark earned undergraduate degrees in International Studies and Spanish at Miami University, and a M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration from Arizona State University. His study abroad experiences include a year in Caracas, Venezuela, a summer in Puebla, Mexico and an academic year in San Sebastian, Spain. Mark has been active in international educator organizations, including NAFSA for nearly twenty years, presenting on various topics, and serving in various volunteer leadership positions, including Coach and Chair for the NAFSA Academy. He welcomes the opportunity to serve all institutions in their cooperation with ISA towards greater global engagement.

Lisette Montoto, Ph.D.

Vice President, Academic Affairs

Lisette Montoto joined ISA in 2009 as Curriculum Oversight Director, and is now Vice President, Academic Affairs. She also serves as the Geographic Oversight Manager for Latin America programs. Lisette has a diverse background in both Latin America and Europe. As a student and Spanish teacher at Florida State University, Lisette earned a B.S. in Multinational Business and an M.A. in Spanish. During her time at FSU, she also had the opportunity to intern in Valencia, Spain and participate in the Beyond Borders service program in Jamaica and Costa Rica. Lisette has a passion for global learning and in between her formal studies she has traveled extensively - from Pan-American road trips in Central America to lectures at Oxford University. Most recently, Lisette was living in the Republic of Panama for a year, where she conducted research on cross-border higher education for her Ph.D. from the University of Georgia.

Laura Reyez Ruiz

Associate Vice President of Italy, Ireland, United Kingdom and South Africa Operations

Laura Reyes Ruiz has been the resident director for the ISA Granada program since 1997, and ISA is privileged to have Laura among its senior international staff. Recently, Laura has taken on new responsibilities and has been training ISA directors throughout ISA's program locations. Though she still lives in her hometown, Laura truly embodies the spirit of a global citizen. Laura has studied in England and Italy and worked in several different countries and has led groups of ISA students in all over Europe as well as in Africa. An active participant in international education forums, Laura is able to draw on her wide professional experience to ensure that ISA programs throughout the world meet the higher standards of excellence. She speaks fluent English, Italian and French, and is proficient in Portuguese. Laura's charisma and thirst for new experiences is apparent to all who come in contact with her, and her enthusiasm for her work is contagious. She looks forward to making your experience with ISA an excellent one.

Jimmy Brazelton

Associate Vice President, Asia Programs and Strategic Initiatives

Jimmy joined the ISA team in November 2009 and works as the Associate Vice President for Research and Strategic Alliances. He graduated from Illinois State University with Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Theatre. During Jimmy's graduate degree, he studied abroad in Paris where he also worked on his graduate research. Prior to joining ISA, he worked for the Office of International Studies and Programs at Illinois State University for seven years, both as Assistant Study Abroad Coordinator and then as Study Abroad Coordinator. He has had the opportunity to travel extensively around the world and has visited many countries in East Asia, South America, and Western Europe.

Dominick Luciano

Associate Vice President, Marketing

Dominick joined the ISA team in October 2004. He is a graduate of Siena College in New York with a degree in Marketing and Management. He spent his spring semester, junior year studying abroad in Florence and Rome, Italy where he had the opportunity to travel to Switzerland, Greece, Ireland, England, and throughout Italy. Upon his return, Dominick worked with the Siena College office of International Affairs as an Abroad Representative which allowed him to offer his experience to others planning on studying abroad. His travels have shaped his personal priorities as well as his professional priorities and he is dedicated to helping others make the most of this life changing experience.