International Studies Abroad ®est. 1987

United States Staff

ISA Executive Management Team
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Rafael Hoyle Ph.D.
Managing Director and Senior Vice President
Arturo Artaza
Senior Vice President, University Relations
Jennifer Acosta
Senior Vice President, Enrollment Management
Gustavo Artaza
Senior Vice President, Strategic Initiatives
Susan Farley
Vice President, Institutional Agreements & Financial Affairs
Deborah Morrison
Vice President, Pacific Region Programs and Strategic Initiatives
Mark Gallovic
Vice President, Strategic Partnerships
Lisette Montoto Ph.D.
Vice President, Academic Affairs
Dominick Luciano
Associate Vice President, Marketing
Laura Pierce Weldon
Associate Vice President, Custom Programs
Jimmy Brazelton
Associate Vice President, Asia Programs and Strategic Initiatives
Ivan Lopez
Associate Vice President, High School Programs
Academic Affairs

Alonso De La Fuente
Associate Vice President, Academic Records
Eric Mackintosh Ph.D.
Director, Academic Resources and Assessment
David Puente Ph.D.
Regional Vice President, Academic Affairs
Elizabeth Erbeznik Ph.D.
Curriculum Specialist
Arielle Epstein
Senior Academic Records Coordinator
Alessandra Barrica
Academic Records Coordinator
Health Safety and Security

Robin Reliford, J.D.
Director of Health and Safety - Higher Ed
Patrick Barker
Coordinator of Health Safety and Security
Program Managers

Rebecca Anderson
Director of Enrollment Management
Rachel Rogers
Associate Director, Enrollment Management and EuroScholars
Kimi Shao
Senior Program Manager, Asia and Greece
Kim Sarna
Geographic Oversight Manager, Latin America
Gloria Trueba
Program Manager, Spain
Brittany Lavornia
Enrollment Associate Manager
Amy Remondi
Program Manager, Spain
Anthony Viltro
Program Manager, Italy
Laura Archambault
Program Manager, Ireland, South Africa and The Netherlands
Maddie Townsend
Program Manager, Peru, Brazil and Dominican Republic
Eli Klosterboer
Program Manager, Argentina and Spain
Madeline Hume
Program Manager, Chile and Costa Rica
Lauren Dungan
Program Manager, Spain
Alyssa Segura
Program Manager, Czech Republic and France
Daniel Puzzo
Program Manager, Spain and Morocco
Emily Cooper
Program Manager, Australia
Gracie Paredes
Program Manager, Japan and South Korea
Site Specialists

Johanna Alvarado
Associate Director
Brittany Clark
Site Specialist, Ireland, Germany & Greece
Matt Gulizia
Associate Director & Geographic Oversight Manager, France & the Netherlands
Carley Frea
Senior Site Specialist, Australia
Brittany Allen
Site Specialist, South Africa and Morocco
Kendra Ansotigue
Senior Site Specialist, Spain
Landon Cotham
Site Specialist, Barcelona
Alan Thompson
Site Specialist, Colombia, Peru and Dominican Republic
Jeffrey Sendejar
Site Specialist, Australia
Megan Schwartz
Site Specialist, China, Czech Republic and Vietnam
Jenna Tantillo
Site Specialist, Spain and the Netherlands
Tara Nair
Site Specialist, Spain
Mary Howington
Site Specialist, England and Scotland
Katya Kuhns
Site Specialist, Japan, South Korea and Thailand
Maggie Aldworth
Site Specialist, New Zealand and Fiji
Svaja Pakalniskis
Site Specialist, Argentina and Costa Rica
Ben Chinisci
Site Specialist, Italy
University Relations

Beth Price
Megan Fulmer
Assistant Director
Chelsi Hudson
Embedded Office Director
Lindsey Capps
Embedded Office and Regional Director
Emma May
Assistant Director
Shelly Alfaro
Regional Director
Vaughn Thornton
Regional Director
Sara Dart
Regional Director
JoEllen Mueller
Regional Director
Audrey Bridgers
Regional Director
Brittany Araujo
Regional Director
Anthony Castelon
Regional Director
NV, N. CA, S. CA
Zoe Crowe-Barnes
Regional Director
Suzanne Fils-Aime
Regional Director
Candace Ricks
Regional Director
Strategic Partnerships

Caroline Ickes
Director, Strategic Partnerships
Lauren Alexander
Associate Vice President, Strategic Partnerships
Jeehye Lee
Director, Asia Programs and Strategic Initiatives
Jessica Penny
Associate Director, Strategic Programs
Malaika Serrano
Associate Vice President, Strategic Partnerships
Eric Anderson
Associate Vice President, Strategic Partnerships
Financial Aid

Anna Waller
Coordinator of Financial Affairs
Susan Maalouf
Coordinator of Financial Affairs
Student Services

Nick Zappitelli
Director, Student/Alumni Outreach
Nicole Salerno
Program Advisor
Karen Alvarez
Team Lead, Prospective Outreach
Andrea Maza
Outreach Associate
Luis Alonzo
Team Lead, Initial Outreach
Patricia Monsreal
Outreach Associate
Guadalupe Hernandez
Outreach Associate
Antonio Villegas
Outreach Associate
Jesse Reitz
Program Advisor
Sarah Warren
Program Advisor
Sophie Boddorff
Program Advisor
Ismael Borges
Outreach Associate
Alejandra Olais
Outreach Associate
Jerry Spillane
Outreach Associate
Alumni Relations

Zach Muskin
Senior Alumni Relations Coordinator
Derek Craker
Alumni Relations Coordinator
Custom Programs (CP)

Chelsea Funk
Director, Program Development
Diego Di Iorio
Associate Director, Account Management
Courtney Hilton
Senior Program Development Specialist
Katherine Harrell
Account Manager
Tara George
Account Manager
Bailey Hayes
Global Service-Learning Manager
Stephanie Molinare
Account Manager
LeeAnn Hill
Account Manager
Stacy Yue
Program Development Representative
Heather Rahimi
Program Development Specialist
Sarah Kosid
Program Development Specialist, University of Kentucky
Valerie Montes
Account Manager
Areti Karydas
Program Development Specialist
Li Amy Zhang
Program Development Specialist
Internships and Service-Learning

Natalie Aboudaoud
Director, Service-Learning
Lauren Bruce
Director, Internships
Kristine Barer
Associate Director, Service-Learning
Jacqueline Broida
Senior Program Manager, Internships in New Zealand and England
Megan Kane
Outreach Manager, Internships and Service-Learning
Maria Rodis
Service-Learning Academic Coordinator
Seth Carreiro
Program Manager, Internships in Chile and Spain
Stacy Weltzin
Program Manager, Internships in China and South Korea
Chris Pennebaker
Program Manager, Australia and Ireland Internships
Rebecca Richey
Service Learning Academic Coordinator
Julia Pfeiffer
Service Learning Placement Coordinator
Abagail Hart
Service Learning Intern
Veritas Christian Study Abroad (Missions)

Charlie Harrisberger
Director, Veritas Christian Study Abroad
Ryan Smith
Program Manager, Latin America
Aley Bedair
University Relations Coordinator
Jessica Korn
Veritas Embedded Program Coordinator
ISA High School

Jorge Giroud
Lauren Fedele
Study Abroad Manager
Marketing, Communications and Graphics

Courtnay Hamel
Creative Services Manager
Troy Stiles
Marketing Communications Manager
Brandon Chandler
Graphic Designer
Maggie Williamson
Graphic Designer
Cynthia Lopez
Graphic Designer
Kaitlyn Webster
ISA Temporary Marketing Assistant
Information Technology

Wade Rushing
Systems Administrator
Carlos Quintero
Director of Software Engineering
Eddie Mendoza
ISA Network Engineer
Caroline Mangan
IT Project Manager
Ryan Orgusaar
Lead Software Engineer
Bryan Thetford
Software Developer
Rawley Speed
Software Developer
Rudy Ordoñez
Quality Assurance Lead
Alan Allen
Deskside Support Analyst
Accounting and Human Resources

Omar Loya
Staff Accountant
Kelsey Ferguson
Staff Accountant
Laura Howton
Staff Accountant
Chandra Keyes
Accounting/Office Manager, Denver
Alejandro Vega
Staff Accountant
Josh Irving
Human Resources Business Partner
Administrative Staff

Rod Hutchings
Manager, Shipping and Facility
Laura Heiligenthal
Front Desk Coordinator
Stephanie McBrayer
Executive Assistant to the Managing Director