Modalities of Partnerships

Since 1987, ISA has offered quality study abroad programs for undergraduate students. ISA has a wide variety of study abroad programs at accredited schools and universities throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Pacific. ISA Strategic Partnerships facilitates innovative collaboration between home and host university partners to produce programming that aligns with institutional goals and initiatives. By leveraging ISA's expertise, academic partnerships, co-curricular planning and on-site support, building momentum and sustaining mobility is easier than ever.

Variety of Partnerships

Program Portfolio Development
Collaborate to produce a curated list of program recommendations by region and discipline that complement institutional needs while evaluating program diversity and comprehensiveness.
Curriculum Mapping
Identify ISA programs geared toward a specific major, college or department's curriculum through facilitated course mapping. By developing a set of ISA programs that align to the needs of academic departments, pave the way for course approval and education abroad for specific majors.
Tailor and co-brand an ISA semester or summer program by modifying key elements to meet departmental or institutional requirements without the need for additional infrastructure or resources.
Strengthen existing exchange programs by offering ISA on-site support services. ISA can provide auxiliary support such as airport pick-up, orientation, housing and cultural activities. Adding ISA support to an exchange allows students to benefit from home tuition agreements as well as ISA in-country support and risk management.
Embedded Office on Campus
Partner with ISA to establish a dedicated ISA presence on-campus to augment your office's current capabilities, assist with student outreach and advance new initiatives through creative joint programming.

The University Partnerships Team

With nearly a century of combined experience in the field, the ISA University Partnerships Team is uniquely poised to assist with innovative program design and development that will advance institutional efforts to increase student mobility, facilitate faculty engagement and develop curriculum pathways.