International Studies Abroad ®est. 1987


Additional Expenses

We would like to make note of the fact that ISA provides the following list of estimated expenses as a guide. As each student and program is different, so are the expenses.

The ISA program cost includes items such as tuition and fees, housing, insurance, and more. Please see specific program descriptions for details.

Books and Supplies

We estimate that students should expect to spend the following amounts on books and course materials:
South Korea per semester$150
Belgium; Ireland per semester$200
Japan per semester$150
Australia; Fiji; New Zealand per semester
France ABSP; Italy per semester$350
FSU Valencia per semester


For each program we anticipate that students may expect to spend additional funds for incidentals such as toiletries, snacks bought outside the home, taxi and bus fares and other miscellaneous items. ISA site-specific materials for students may differ from this amount, but this is an estimated amount for budgeting/financial aid purposes.
Chile; China; Colombia; Costa Rica; Cuba; Czech Republic; Dominican Republic; Fiji; Greece; India; Jordan; Morocco; Scotland; Thailand
Argentina; Belgium; Brazil; Reading, England; Germany; Glasgow, Scotland; Ireland; Japan; Peru; South Africa; South Korea; Spain
Australia; London, England; France; Italy; New Zealand


Flights are not included in any ISA program cost. The estimated cost for airfare from the US to each of our arrival countries is listed below.

Costa Rica; Dominican Republic
Colombia; Cuba (includes charter flight) $1000
EUROPE (Belgium; Czech Republic; England; France; Germany; Italy; Ireland; Scotland; Spain), or Peru
China; Jordan; South Korea
Argentina; Brazil; Chile; India; Morocco; Thailand
Greece; Japan
Australia, Fiji, New Zealand; South Africa

Travel Expenses

Passports and Student Visas are not included and vary by country. The approximate costs are listed below.
Passport (new)$135
Passport (renewal)$110
Student Visa/Residency Permit
Entrance Fee or Departure Fee$10-$150
Immunizations/Medical Exams
Additional Travelvaries


Meals are not included in the following sites. The approximate additional costs are listed below.
*Depending upon location, meals may be included.
China; Fiji; Japan
South Korea
Belgium; Czech Republic$100/week
Ireland; Italy; Scotland$100/week
Jordan; South Africa$100/week
Thailand; Germany
Australia*; New Zealand*$125/week
London, England $125/week

Some meals are not included in the housing for the following sites. The approximate additional costs are listed below.
Costa Rica
Argentina; Brazil
Reading, England
Barcelona, Spain; France; Germany

Please note: Students opting for apartments or independent housing with no meals, should budget accordingly.