Go Abroad Again

Ready to go back, right? So are we. In this section, you will find information on traditional study abroad programs, graduate school abroad, independent study options, and volunteer and internship opportunities that are available. The World Awaits...again. For a comprehensive list of resources, check out your Alumni Re-Entry Guide or Career Resouces Guide, found within your ISA Student Portal.


Looking to go back abroad with ISA? We offer a ton of scholarships to help you get there. Check out our Scholarships page for more information.

ISA Service-Learning

Looking to return abroad for a truley immersive experience by getting envolved in the local community to meet needs and learn about civic engagement? Going abroad again and participating in a service-learning program is a great option for those seeking an alternative, life-changing experience abroad.

Service-Learning programs are available independently (4, 8, and 12 week options) or may be combined with an ISA semester, summer, or intensive month academic program.

ISA Service-Learning placements are available in the following fields:

For detailed information about ISA Service-Learning programs, please visit studiesabroad.com/experience.

ISA Internships

Study abroad returnees looking for hands-on career experience in their area of study benefit from international internships. Interning internationally will further increase your exposure to worldwide experiences, develop your professional skills, and help you gain knowledge for your intended career.

Program Options:
10-week internships
6-week internships
Custom date internships

ISA's global career-building internships are available in the following fields:

For detailed information about ISA Internships, please visit studiesabroad.com/experience.

Other International Opportunities

The following links will help you find out about other international opportunities:


The following links are to publications that focus on student travel and the sharing of international experiences: