New Programs

Florence, Italy

Florence University of the Arts


Starting this summer, we will begin offering three-credit, stand-alone internships through the Florence University of the Arts (FUA).  Eighteen different types of placements will be available during the summer, each six weeks in length.  Italian language requirements vary from beginner to advanced, depending on the placement.  The previously titled, Experiential Learning in Hospitality, Art & Culture program (Summers 11 and 12), has been renamed, Internships & Experiential Learning, to reflect the new program offering.


Paris, France

American Business School Paris


Starting this summer, we will be offering the new Business, Culture, French Language & Experiential Learning program at the American Business School Paris (ABSP).  The summer session includes a "Cultures & Careers" experiential learning component worth three U.S. semester credits.  Students will enroll in three classes for a total of nine credits. The new experiential learning course will expose students to cultural, linguistic, and career development opportunities in a French context.  This program does not have a language requirement.


Program Updates

Brussels, Belgium

Vesalius College


Our Political Science, International Affairs, Business, Communications & Internships summer program at Vesalius College now offers students an internship-only option.  Previously, students were required to select a second course in addition to their internship.  This change encourages students to focus on the success of their internship placement and log a minimum of 150 hours during their program. Home university approval is required prior to departure.  This program does not have a language requirement.


Havana, Cuba

Universidad de las Artes


We have expanded our course offering for the Spanish Language, Literature & Cuban Culture summer program in Havana.  The new curriculum at the Universidad de las Artes will include two new content courses instructed in English, “U.S.-Latin American Relations” and “Cuban Foreign Policy: Defying Realism,” as well as a new “Beginning Spanish Language” course.  With this change, students of all Spanish language proficiency levels are eligible to apply for the program.


Bilbao, Spain

Universidad de Deusto


Starting this fall, students may enroll in engineering courses with locals at the Universidad de Deusto.  The existing Business, International Relations and Spanish Language program will be renamed, Business, Engineering and Spanish Language starting in the fall to reflect the new offering.  Students with an advanced level of Spanish will also be eligible to participate in a four-credit internship in the fields of technology, computer science and engineering for an additional fee.


Lille, France

Université Catholique de Lille


Program requirements for the Science & Engineering program at the Université Catholique de Lille have changed.  Students participating in any of the summer sessions may now choose to enroll in one intensive French language course plus one elective in science and engineering, or two electives in science and engineering.


Price Reductions

We have recently reduced the prices of select ISA programs in the following cities:

Program Name Changes

We have changed the names of the following programs to better reflect their curricular strengths and differentiate them from other programs offered in the same city, country or geographic area.

Bilbao, Spain

Universidad de Deusto


Dublin, Ireland

Maynooth University


Florence, Italy

Florence University of the Arts


Program Suspensions

Effective Spring 2017, we are suspending select programs at the following ISA host institutions, (all other programs at these institutions are still offered):


EuroScholars: Utrecht University


ISA Service-Learning: India


ISA Degree Programs (effective Summer 2017)


Arabic Language & Middle Eastern Studies: University of Jordan – Amman, Jordan (Spring only)


Business, Engineering & Information Technology: Princess Sumaya University for Technology – Amman, Jordan (Spring only)

Regional Directors


Patrick Barker

Embedded Office Director, Kentucky


Laura Pierce Weldon

Associate Vice President, Custom Programs



Winston-Salem, North Carolina, February 8-10, 2017


Regional Vice President, Academic Affairs

Houston, TX, February 18-22, 2017


Director, Strategic Partnerships

Washington D.C, February 19-22, 2017


Vice President, Strategic Partnerships

Minneapolis, MN, March 19-22, 2017


Program Manager, England and Scotland

Kaohsiung, Taiwan March 20-23, 2017


Vice President, Pacific Region Programs and Strategic Initiatives

Seattle, WA, March 29-31, 2017


Senior Vice President, University Relations and Marketing


Associate Vice President, Strategic Partnerships


Associate Vice President, Strategic Partnerships


Director, Service-Learning


Director, Strategic Partnerships


Assistant Director, University Relations

Memphis, TN, April 6-8, 2017


Curriculum Specialist

Financial Aid & Scholarship Recipients

Missouri State ISA Embedded Office

Host University Student Profile Descriptors now in the Advisor Portal

In an effort to assist our partner home university advisors, ISA has added "student descriptors" to the Host Institutions' tab in the City Specific Advising section of the ISA Advisor Portal. The objective of the descriptors is to assist advisors by providing a typical student profile for each host university, essentially recommending a “student type” for every ISA host institution.  Some examples of student descriptors include: academically-engaged, independent-minded, research-oriented, group-oriented, appreciate extra host university support, and prefer an urban campus experience.


Pacific Directors’ Meeting

The Pacific Region Resident Directors' meeting was held in Melbourne, Australia last October, where ISA Resident Directors from Australia and New Zealand came together with operations directors from the U.S. and Europe. It was a productive event that included training, brainstorming on improvements, and team bonding.  As a result of the meeting, exciting developments are underway for ISA programs in the region. These meetings are held every two years in each ISA region, and serve as an opportunity to ensure that our staff receives appropriate training and support so they may continue to provide top quality service to all ISA participants.

UPF’s Education Abroad Program Receives QUIP Recognition

The Education Abroad Program at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) recently announced their completion and recognition from The Forum on Education Abroad’s Quality Improvement Program (QUIP). The recognition includes all academic programs offered through the UPF’s Education Abroad Program.  This makes the UPF’s Education Abroad Program the first program to be developed by a Spanish university to receive QUIP recognition.


Agreements & Collaborations

Since the last issue of the Academic Update Newsletter, ISA has entered into affiliation agreements with the following universities:


  • Carroll University
  • Washington & Jefferson College
  • Georgian Court University
  • University of Maryland, Eastern Shore
  • Elizabethtown College
  • Hillsborough Community College
  • University of Wisconsin-La Crosse


Since the last issue of the Academic Update Newsletter, Veritas Abroad has entered into affiliation agreements with the following universities:


  • Cairn University
  • Northwest Christian University


ISA Internships & Service-Learning


Strategic Partnerships

Malaika Marable Serrano

Associate Vice President, Strategic Partnerships




In November, representatives from ISA and EuroScholars hosted 10 administrators from U.S. universities on a program site visit. They visited the University of Zurich in Switzerland, Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden, and the University of Helsinki in Finland, where they toured research labs, attended research presentations, and met current and former EuroScholars participants. Their visit coincided with the Fall 2016 Mid-Stay Program in Helsinki, which brought all of the EuroScholars students together to share their research methods and findings.


Employee Updates

Chelsea Funk

Associate Director, Custom Programs


Chelsea Funk joined ISA in January 2014 as an intern, transitioning to the Custom Programs team later that year, where she held various roles including Admissions Coordinator, Program Manager, and Senior Program Manager.  Chelsea has assumed the role of Associate Director, Custom Programs. During her time, Chelsea has proved to be an integral part of the Custom Programs division.  Prior to joining ISA, Chelsea taught English at a private language academy in Seoul, South Korea.

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