International Trade Agreements

Korea University

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    International Trade Agreements

  • Host University

    Korea University

  • Location

    Seoul, South Korea

  • Area of Study

    Business, International Trade

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    Taught In English

  • Prerequisites

    A course in the principles of economics is a prerequisite for this course. Students who think this should be waived may apply to the instructor.

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  • Overview

    Course Guide and Reading List:

    I Background: Trade Theory
    A Comparative Advantage (ch. 1)
    B International Equilibrium (ch 4)

    II Protection
    A Tariffs and Trade Theory (ch 7)
    B Commercial Policy (chs 8 and ch 9, secs 1 – 5)
    C Political Economy
    [Background references, NOT required:
    Hillman, A. L., Declining Industries and Political-Support Protectionist Motives,
    AMERICAN ECONOMIC REVIEW, 1982, pp 1180-1187.
    Mayer, W., Endogenous Tariff Formation, AMERICAN ECONOMIC REVIEW, 1984,
    pp 970-985].

    III The Rationale of Trade Agreements
    [Background references, NOT required:
    Mayer, W., Theoretical Considerations on Negotiated Tariff Adjustments, OXFORD
    ECONOMIC PAPERS, 1981, pp 135-153.
    Bagwell, K. and R. W. Staiger, The Economics of the World Trading System, 2002
    (Cambridge: MIT Press). Ch 2].

    IV Multilateral Trade Agreements
    Ch 9, secs 6 – 13.
    [Background references, NOT required:
    Viner, J., 1931. The Most-Favored Nation Clause, in: J. Viner, 1951,
    INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS, The Free Press, Glencoe, IL.
    Ethier, W. J. “Theoretical Problems in Negotiating Trade Liberalization,” EUROPEAN
    JOURNAL OF POLITICAL ECONOMY 17, 2001, pp 209–232].

    V National Trade Policy with Multilateral Trade Agreements
    [Background references, NOT required:
    Finger, J. M., Hall, H. K. and Nelson, D. R. (1982), The Political Economy of
    Administered Protection, AMERICAN ECONOMIC REVIEW 72: 452-466.
    Ethier, W. J. “Unilateralism in A Multilateral World,” THE ECONOMIC JOURNAL 112
    (479), 2002, pp 266–292]

    VI Regional Trade Agreements
    ch 20, sections 1 – 4.
    [Background references, NOT required:
    Ethier, W. J. “The New Regionalism,” ECONOMIC JOURNAL 108 (449), 1998, pp

    VII The International Commercial System
    [Background references, NOT required:
    Ethier, W. J. “The International Commercial System,” ESSAYS IN INTERNATIONAL
    FINANCE No. 210, September 1998 (Princeton: International Finance Section)].

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