Introduction to Management Information Systems

Korea University

Course Description

  • Course Name

    Introduction to Management Information Systems

  • Host University

    Korea University

  • Location

    Seoul, South Korea

  • Area of Study

    Business Management, Management Science

  • Language Level

    Taught In English

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  • Overview

    Course Description:

    The increased application of the information technology (IT) has fundamentally altered the nature of work, business processes and the nature of competition in the past decade. This course is designed to provide a bird’s eye view of the role of IT in modern organizations and society by examining the issues surrounding the design, application and effective use of information systems (IS). The students will be exposed to the strategic role that IT plays in organizations, the technical foundations of IS, data communication technologies that enhances the efficiency of work through ever-increasing connectivity, and various alternatives in IS development.

    Course Objectives:

    This course was developed with non-technical undergraduate business student in mind. By completing this course, students will acquire the core knowledge and skills to work as a systems analyst or an end user of IT, and will have a good understanding of:

    • how information systems enable firms to manage organizational knowledge and enhance efficiency and effectiveness;
    • how business process design/redesign is linked to the firm’s ability to leverage IT capabilities; and
    • how information systems enable firms to derive competitive advantage.

    Additional Resources required:

    • A laptop with Microsoft Office suite is required for this course. Microsoft Access is required to complete a group project.
    • A robust internet connection is required as most course materials – including lecture slides, extra reading materials and references, and assignments – will be available on Blackboard. Likewise, chapter quizzes and exams will be given in Blackboard.

    Course Requirements:

    1. Participation:  Students are expected to attend classes, be familiar with the course materials, having completed assigned reading before class, participate in class discussions, and contribute to group work. (See ‘Attendance Policy’, ‘Laptop Use Policy’, ‘Make-up Exam Policy’, and ‘Late Submission Policy.’)
    2. Quizzes and Assignments: Chapter quizzes will be given regularly based on assigned readings. In addition, Microsoft Access assignments and mini-case assignments will be given. (See ‘Make-up Exam Policy’ and ‘Late Submission Policy.’)
    3. Exams:  There will be two exams: midterm and final. (See ‘Make-up Exam Policy.’)
    4. Group Project:  Groups will work together on a database project using Microsoft Access. More details will be announced later in the semester. (See ‘E-mail Policy’ and ‘Late Submission Policy.’)

    Applicable Policies:

    1. E-mail Policy:  When submitting a group work, the group member who represents the group should send the submission to the instructor, and carbon copy (cc:) the rest of the group.
    2. Attendance Policy:  Absences will result in reduced participation scores. An absence can be considered ‘excused’ if it is unavoidable, and will result in a 0 participation point for the missing class. An unexcused absence will result in a -1 point for participation.
    3. Laptop Use Policy:  Use of a laptop computer or an electronic mobile device is allowed for class participation and note-taking purposes only. Other uses will be noted, corrected, and regarded as an unexcused absence.
    4. Make-up Exam Policy: If a student has to miss an exam due to an excusable reason, it will be rescheduled to be taken no later than one week from the originally scheduled exam time. After one week, no make-up exam is given. Unlike exams, missed quizzes are not made up.
    5. Late Submission Policy: Any work submitted after the deadline will lose 10% of its full credit per day. In case of a prolonged network failure, and if no one in the class is able to meet the deadline due to the outage, a new deadline will be set and announced.


Course Disclaimer

Courses and course hours of instruction are subject to change.