Introduction to Philosophy

Korea University

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    Introduction to Philosophy

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    Korea University

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    Seoul, South Korea

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    Taught In English

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    This class will involve some of the classic problems and attempted answers in philosophy. Various major areas of philosophy and their central concerns will be considered over the course of the quarter: metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of mind and ethics. The quarter is short and as such, the overview will be fairly cursory but hopefully it will give you enough understanding to decide whether or not you want to further pursue any of the topics we touch upon.

    Some questions that we will ask and try to answer are:

    • What is knowledge and do we have any?
    • Are we justified in our belief that we can use science to gain knowledge?
    • Do we have free will?
    • How do our bodies and minds relate? Do we have a soul?


    • Intro to Philosophy by Adam Sennet (a.k.a. me!)

    The e-book is designed as a companion to the course and covers the material we do in class. There is no homework or assignment that can only be done by purchase of the book. You can buy the book at


    • Please feel free to ask questions! A part of philosophical method involves the ability to inspect ideas by asking questions about them and criticizing answers to those questions. I welcome that from you guys!
    • Please don’t wait until the last minute to approach me with problems and concerns that you have. These issues are much easier to take care of early on rather than at the last minute.
    • Please do not plagiarize. I look out for plagiarism and have no sympathy for plagiarists. If you are in any doubt as to whether or not you are plagiarizing, consult with me. A helpful guide to plagiarism can be found at:

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