World History since 1945

Korea University

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    World History since 1945

  • Host University

    Korea University

  • Location

    Seoul, South Korea

  • Area of Study

    History, International Studies

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    Taught In English

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  • Overview

    Course Description and Objective:

    The objective of this course is for students to gain a basic understanding of the creation and evolution of the international order since World War II.  The first half of the course examines the Cold War -- how and why it arose, how it shaped the international system, and how it ended.   The second half of the course examines political events in several countries of Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East.  In each case, we investigate how the larger Cold War interacted with specific domestic forces to produce the conflicts that continue to shape international affairs.       

    Course Requirements:

    1. Class participation

    The course relies heavily on lectures combined with class discussion based on the required readings. Students must therefore complete the readings prior to each class and come to class prepared to discuss them.  The main readings come from William R. Keylor’s A World of Nations: The International Order since 1945 Second Edition (Oxford University Press, 2009).  Students must purchase a copy of this textbook before coming to ISC.  The additional readings based on historical documents can be downloaded from the internet.

    Attendance is very important and will be taken daily.  Students must notify the instructor in advance of any excused absence.  As per Korea University policy, students must attend at least 70% classes to receive a passing grade.

    2. Quizzes

    The five map quizzes will require students to label correctly certain key places from the given map in the textbook.

    3. Midterm Exam (45%) and Final Exam (45%)

    The midterm exam and final (non-cumulative) exam will consist of fifty multiple choice questions.  The questions will be drawn from the lectures and the readings.

    Students are expected to be honest in all academic work and must abide by all rules and regulations of Korea University regarding academic honesty.

Course Disclaimer

Courses and course hours of instruction are subject to change.