Introduction to Catalan Language

Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona

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    Introduction to Catalan Language

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    Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona

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    Barcelona, Spain

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  • Overview

    Learning objectives: Upon successful completion of the Introduction to Catalan Language course, users are able to cope linguistically in a range of limited but basic survival situations which require a very predictable use of language. They can:


    • Give simple personal details about themselves, such as where they live, who they know, what they like and what they have.


    • Express basic needs. Ask for and give specific information using common, everyday expressions and very simple phrases.
    • Understand short texts, expressed in simple language, directed at the general public.
    • Identify the central topic of longer messages and extract the main relevant points.
    • Write short, simple notes and texts and complete forms with personal details.

    Methodology: Teachers use a communicative approach to language teaching where activities designed to develop listening and speaking skills form a major part of the course. Students are also encouraged to develop strategies for learning that will help them to study the language independently.
    Evaluation: Continuous assessment, tests and final exam.
    Materials: Course book (Curs de llengua catalana. Nivell bàsic 1, Ed. Castellnou, 2007), workbook and other pedagogical materials. (To be confirmed)
    Content: The course content is based on the course book and the global objectives for the level.
    Homework: Homework is is set on a regular basis. For each three hours class work, there is an hour and a half of homework.