Spanish Civilization and Culture

Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona

Course Description

  • Course Name

    Spanish Civilization and Culture

  • Host University

    Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona

  • Location

    Barcelona, Spain

  • Area of Study

    Anthropology, History, Sociology

  • Language Level

    Taught In English

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  • Overview

    Number of sessions: 30
    Length of each session: 1,5 h
    Total length of the module: 45 hours

    This course starts with an extensive view of the Spanish history as a way of giving
    students a general frame where they could place the following subjects that will be
    taken into account. After that it will examine the different cultures within Spain:
    Castilian, Catalan, Basque and Galician; focusing mainly on language, nationality, and
    political implications. The rest of the course will travel throughout the various aspects
    of the Spanish Civilization, understanding civilization as lifestyle and society, basically
    through the different artistic ways of expression (Painting, Architecture, Literature,
    Music and Cinema). By using concepts from these various subjects, students will study
    how Spain changed from being a polarized country to an allegedly reference in the

    Spanish History, from ancient times to the present. Civilisations and religions
    coexistence. Models of nation.
    Language and Culture. Regions, nationalities, symbols and identities.
    Cultural expressions, Spain through art. Spanish cinema from the 50?s censorship to
    today?s ?Hollywoodization?. Modernisation, ways of expression, class conscience and
    moral crisis through painting, sculpture, architecture, literature and music.

    Mid-term exam (30%): It will be a Multiple-choice Exam with 75 questions. Each
    question will have 4 possible answers and only one of them will be correct. There is no
    penalization for mistakes.
    Papers (30%): During the course a total of three movies will be shown, each one of
    them corresponds to an important period of Spanish history and its artistic development.
    For each movie, some articles will be given to the students too. They will have to hand
    in a total of three papers (one per each movie) 2-3 pages-long.
    Extra credit paper to improve the final grade is optional.
    Final Exam (40%): In this exam, students will have to choose one of three possible
    questions that might be: one of the subjects treated in class, a graphic or an article. Each
    of them will have to be placed in its historical/artistic framework to which it belongs,
    and it will also have to be developed by following different given steps. In this case,
    students will be able to use his/her notes and other sources of information to write a
    short essay (maximum length: three pages).