Commodities in Global History

Universidad Pompeu Fabra

Course Description

  • Course Name

    Commodities in Global History

  • Host University

    Universidad Pompeu Fabra

  • Location

    Barcelona, Spain

  • Area of Study

    Economics, International Economics, International Studies

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    Taught In English

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  • Overview

    The aim of this course is to get students to identify and to consider through the lenses of commodities
    some of the most relevant historical processes/events of the modern world, circa 1500 to the present.
    The course intends to offer an engaging approach to the study of world history by linking processes
    and events such as globalization, slavery, climate change, World Wars, the Industrial Revolution,
    colonization, terrorism and epidemics with the commodities that played major roles in them: gold,
    cotton, rubber, oil, cocaine, coffee, tobacco and potatoes, amongst others. The review of these
    connections acknowledges the differing cultural significance of commodities across time and space.
    The course adopts broad (rather than a specialized) perspectives towards the study of each
    commodity yet aims at retaining the academic rigor proper to each discipline. In doing this students
    will grasp basic notions from social-science. By virtue of the literatures dealing with the topics covered
    the course´s nature is multidisciplinary – relying on economic history, political science, anthropology
    and sociology for insights, theory and evidence. Students from all sorts of academic backgrounds may
    take this course. No previous knowledge in statistics or social-scientific theories is required. In both
    lectures and seminars non-familiar concepts will be explained and specialized-jargon busted.

Course Disclaimer

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