Medical and Health Law (Taught in Spanish) (Only 4 ECTS Credits)

Universidad Pompeu Fabra

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    Medical and Health Law (Taught in Spanish) (Only 4 ECTS Credits)

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    Universidad Pompeu Fabra

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    Barcelona, Spain

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    Legal Studies

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    This course is only worth 4 ECTS credits, which typically transfers back as 2 US semester credits.

    The "Health and Medical Right" includes the study, on the one hand, of the rights of the patient by reason of this condition as well as, on the other hand, their relationship with health professionals . Specifically, the subject, that presents and analyzes the main regulations and developments in Catalan, state, European and international jurisprudential cases, is divided into two main blocks: the first one, related to the exercise of private autonomy in the health field, which includes the study of the informed consent and the different forms of provision of this consent, placing special emphasis on incompetent persons and minors as well as on the refusal of treatments and on the will document anticipated; The second, in the specific regulation of certain treatments or sanitary actions, such as the donation of organs, tissues or other materials, transplants, assisted reproduction, abortion and euthanasia. Likewise, the responsibility regime of professionals and health centers as well as the regulation of medications, health products and biomedical research (including clinical trials) is also analyzed. The course presents the principles of bioethics and the basic regime of the clinical history and the different forms of provision of health services.

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Please note that there are no beginning level Spanish courses offered in this program.

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