European Art of the Twentieth Century

Universidad de Sevilla

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    European Art of the Twentieth Century

  • Host University

    Universidad de Sevilla

  • Location

    Seville, Spain

  • Area of Study

    Art History, European Studies, Spanish Culture

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  • Overview

    The aim of this Course is to provide a working knowledge analysis of the main currents and key
    figures within European Art during the twentieth century. Given this aim, emphasis will be placed upon
    the degree of freedom that characterizes the plastic arts of our era and, in the case of contemporary art,
    upon how they constitute a manifestation of the socioeconomic, political, and cultural complexity of
    present-day Europe.

    The focus of the Course will be marked by its theoretical, practical, and critical character, without
    losing sight of the scientific rigor which is required of the History of Art within an university
    environment. Taking into account the possibilities offered by audiovisual back-up, class sessions will be
    based on the interaction of spoken commentary and the contemplation of the works of art being used
    as reference. A constant attempt will be made to motivate students through appreciative and striking
    comments aimed at stimulating their participation in the dynamics of the sessions.

    Syllabus Unit 1. Modernism. Antonio Gaudí.
    Syllabus Unit 2. The Architecture of the First Half of the Twentieth Century. Proto-Rationalism.
    Vanguardist Innovations in Architecture. Rationalism. Le Corbusier, Mies Van de Rohe, Walter
    Syllabus Unit 3. Architectural Trends from the Second World War to the End of the Twentieth
    Century. Alternatives to International Style. Postmodern Architecture.
    Syllabus Unit 4. The Nabis. Denis, Bonnard and Vuillard.
    Syllabus Unit 5. Fauvism. Henri Matisse.
    Syllabus Unit 6. Expressionism.
    Syllabus Unit 7. Sculpture: From Human Realism to Expressionism.
    Syllabus Unit 8. Cubism and its Varied Emanations. Pablo Picasso.
    Syllabus Unit 9. Futurism.
    Syllabus Unit 10. Cubist and Futurist Sculpture.
    Syllabus Unit 11. Naif Art, Fantastic Painting, Metaphysical Painting, and Other Pictorial Experiences.
    Syllabus Unit 12. Dadaism. Marcel Duchamp.
    Syllabus Unit 13. Surrealism. Joan Miró and Salvador Dalí.
    Syllabus Unit 14. Abstract Painting in Europe. Neo-plasticism and Constructivism.
    Syllabus Unit 15. Iron Sculpture. Organic and Surrealist Sculpture.
    Syllabus Unit 16. Artinformal.
    Syllabus Unit 17. Pop Art in Europe. Neo-realism.
    Syllabus Unit 18. Kinetic Art. Victor Vasarelli.
    Syllabus Unit 19. Action Art. Fluxus. Joseph Bueys.
    Syllabus Unit 20. Conceptual Art. Body Art. Land Art.
    Syllabus Unit 21. ‘Arte Povera’.
    Syllabus Unit 22. The New Figuration and Other Forms of Realism. Francis Bacon.
    Syllabus Unit 23. German Neo-Expressionism.
    Syllabus Unit 24. Italian Trans-Vanguardism.
    Syllabus Unit 25. European Sculpture of the Second Half of the Twentieth Century.

Course Disclaimer

Courses and course hours of instruction are subject to change.