Multiple Cities


Marine and Freshwater Research

Conduct comprehensive marine and freshwater research of wild fisheries at a large aquatic center or gain experience working in a lab environment. Assist with research in aquaculture, oceanography and catchment ecology including research to better understand the effects that modern technology and/or natural occurrences have on the environment and sensitive ecosystems. Past placements include: SARDI Aquatics, Centre for Environmental Sustainability and Australian Institute of Marine Science.

Environmental and Life Sciences

Interns can work on a number of research projects, from working in an amphibian laboratory to looking at migratory patterns of shorebirds. Interns will work in lab, field and office environments conducting research. Past placements include: University of Queensland - School of Biological Sciences and the University of Newcastle

Whale Research (Seasonal)

During the whale migration period, interns spend time in both the field to collect biopsy samples and in the lab to isolate and database the songs of humpback whales, cumulating in writing a literature review of the findings. Other opportunities exist in population measurements and behavioural responses of the whales.

Environmentally Focused Organisation

Interns can assist a company focused on increasing recycling by drafting and distributing email campaigns and social media content and conducting outreach to program participants to drive participation and long-term engagement. This will require the intern to collaborate across departments to develop creative strategies for programs while assisting with logistics, data management, website management and customer support.