Multiple Cities


Art Studio

Intern in photography, production and fine arts studios and gain experience in event planning, pre- and post-production, finding shoot locations as well as other administrative tasks valuable to a career in the art or business field. Past placements include: TakeOne Productions and Sun Studios

Dance Studio

Intern in boutique dance studios that offer classes in all styles of dance. Gain experience doing a little bit of everything that it takes to run a dance studio. Past placements include: Dance Studio 101

School of Music

Opportunities exist in music schools throughout Australia that employ instrumental music teachers to service the teaching of instrumental music in public schools. Assist in organizing and running workshops, concerts and festivals at various times of the year.

Photography Studio

Intern in small boutique photography studios that focus on wedding and portrait photography. Assist with culling photos, organizing client slide shows, Photoshop work, album layout and other administration duties. Past placements include: Alberto Sanchez Photographia

Graphic Design

Intern at graphic design firms or within a graphic design department at various companies. Work for clients ranging from government departments to small start-up businesses. The intern will get all-round experience working in the graphic design industry working as part of small teams and assisting with the design and development of website and other online and offline collateral. Past placements include: Oblong and Sons and Module Media

Theater Management & Education

The intern will assist with venue and stage management, observation of the classes and rehearsals, and office administration and front of house duties.