Multiple Cities


Fitness Studio

Intern in small, fully-equipped gyms that offer general services, as well as personal training and coaching certification courses. Gain experience in everything you need to know to run your own gym, including membership sales, promotions, training, administration and maintenance of ongoing research projects. Past placements include: Bondi Beach Bodies Fitness

Sports Medicine

Intern with the national umbrella body for sports medicine and science or in a university setting. Assist with the administration of community education programs, conduct research on a variety of topics related to the field, observe trainers in action at sporting events and in clinical settings and other hands-on activities dealing with sports medicine. Past placements include: Sports Medicine Australia and University of Newcastle

Industry Development and Advocacy Programming

Intern at an organization responsible for creating and implementing industry development and advocacy programs and projects that enhance the organization's position within the health sector and increase opportunities for the exercise and sports science workforce. Responsibilities may include conducting research to assist in the development and coordination of programs, monitoring health activities, trends, and projects at the state and national levels, developing relationships and undertaking activities across a range of stakeholders - government, non-government, and private sector partners. Past placements include: Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA).