Amman, Jordan

The Family Development Association

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This association works under the umbrella of the Ministry of Social Development in Jordan and has two branches, both in East Amman. Both branches organize workshops that focus on general education and vocational skills. For those interested in working with children, one of the branches also operates a kindergarten. Numerous refuges have moved to this area and frequently participate in the foundation's activities. Potential participant responsibilities may include: teaching English to both staff and community members and organizing workshops to improve vocational and technical skills. The NGO also produces handcrafts and assistance in its social media and marketing efforts may be available.

Association for Social Development

Arabic (Beginning)

The Association for Social Development is an NGO located in East Amman. It organizes workshops that focus on general education, language instruction, and vocational and technical skills training. The NGO provides a conservative educational atmosphere for young adults and adolescents. Teaching English will be the participant’s primary task, but additional workshops may also available depending on the participant's skills and interests.

School for Special Needs

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The School for Special Needs specializes in teaching children with a variety of learning disabilities. Depending on the specific needs of each child, the school employs behavioral, speech, and physical therapists as well as dietitians to assist the children. The school also provides training and informational courses on special education to the community. Participants may assist the teachers and staff with educational workshops, recreational activities, and English lessons. Leading and planning sports activities during the school's summer camp may also be needed.