Lima, Peru

At-Risk Youth Development and Rehabilitation Center

Spanish (High Intermediate)

Empower Peru’s at-risk youth by serving in a boy’s or girl’s home in the outskirts of the city of Lima.The goal of this organization is to promote, through prevention and rehabilitation, the healthy and integral development of children and adolescents at high risk in Peru. The aim here is to encourage functional participation in academic, social, and familial settings in a healthy and violence-free environment. ISA participants will work closely with experienced staff and volunteers to promote daily practices of hygiene and health, as well as quality education. Participant responsibilities vary from assisting with day to day operations and facility maintenance, to leading workshops in language, fitness, art, and sports. Participants with a high level of Spanish proficiency may have the opportunity to observe and assist in the center's department of Psychology. *The Center is located on the outskirts of Lima, a 45-minute commute on a provided volunteer van. This placement is not available to students on a semester study program.

Bilingual Education and Learning Center

Spanish (Intermediate)

This organization offers psychological and learning assessments, and support programs to help enhance students’ skills. The center is made up of a team of experts in education: special educational teachers, psychologists, speech and sensory integration therapists and educational psychologists. Depending on skill set, experience and interests, participants may assist the professional team with teaching and tutoring, occupational therapy sessions, and learning therapy. *This organization closes in July for Winter vacations.

Childhood Education Programs at Medical Clinics

Spanish (Beginning)

Work with a nonprofit organization that enables children that are severely impacted by life-threatening illness to continue with as much normalcy as possible by bringing the classroom to their hospital rooms. Participants may assist at a Cancer Hospital or at a Children's hospital in Lima, and will assist the staff in helping these patients stay up to date on the school work they are missing during treatment and care. On days when patients are unwilling or unable to complete the curriculum, participants may engage in musical and/or crafting activities. Participants will also have the opportunity to observe how the Peruvian public health system works. *Note: This placement does not involve shadowing doctors or nurses.

Labor Rights Support Center

Spanish (Intermediate)

This nonprofit is dedicated to defending the rights of domestic workers and working children, as well as to providing education to children in underprivileged communities around Lima. Participants may primarily be asked to assist with tutoring in after school programs in the outskirts of Lima, and may be required to assist with workshops on Sundays. Sunday workshops are designed to promote awareness of workers’ rights and human rights, as well as to inform the public of child labor. Participants may also help organize donations of clothing, school materials and educational information, as well as participate in recreational activities with the domestic workers and children who participate in the organization’s many projects across the city.