Lima, Peru

Environmental and Sustainability Non-Profit Organization

Spanish (Beginning)

This non-profit's mission is to raise awareness about the social and environmental benefits of recycling and the negative consequences of plastic pollution, especially in aquatic ecosystems in and around Lima. Participants will assist the staff with research, seeking project proposals for creative recycling initiatives, and developing information sessions for children, youth, and adults.. There may also be opportunities to work in a marketing capacity, generating graphics and promotional materials.

Marine Life Conservation Organization

English (Intermediate), Spanish (Beginning)

Join efforts with a non-profit organization dedicated to the research, rescue, rehabilitation, and release of marine wildlife (sea lions, dolphins, penguins, marine otters, and sea turtles) along the central and northern coastline of Peru. Participants will have the unique opportunity to learn about marine-life rescue and rehabilitation, and possibly observe associated protocol and medical procedures. This organization's efforts rely heavily on community awareness and support, so observation and research are key. Daily duties may consist of facility maintenance, patient cleaning and feeding, patient observation, and data collection. *Note: This organization is located in San Bartolo, 50km south of the ISA office; accepted participants will be required to stay onsite in San Bartolo; therefore, this placement is not available to students on a semester study program.