Santiago, Dominican Republic

Institute for the Blind

Spanish (Intermediate)

This educational institute in Santiago, Dominican Republic provides much needed social services to adults who are blind or visually impaired. This organization empowers economically disadvantaged and often marginalized members of society by equipping them with the tools they need to live independently. Services include training in Braille, support in developing micro-enterprises, health treatments and a support system to help foster independence. Participants may help with the instruction and therapy of students to empower them to complete their daily activities independently.

Technical School

Spanish (Intermediate)

This technical school in Santiago, Dominican Republic was founded as an educational resource for low-income communities in Santiago. Participants will have the opportunity to teach beginning-level English language classes to a variety of age groups. It is possible that participants will serve as the main English language instructor or as an assistant English language instructor. Participants have the opportunity to observe class, assist with lesson planning and instruction, correct homework, and create evaluations. This placement is ideal for participants who have had previous teaching experience and would like to create an academic curriculum and manage their own classroom. *Limited availability due to schools being closed for Vacations in Santiago